New Release August 29th: Grumpy Dad by #Author Abby Knox

Sunny, eccentric Kindergarten teacher Jewel knows how to charm the typical private school parent. Vince, however, is the only one whose outward stubbornness provokes in her a nearly uncontrollable desire to stroke his beard, squeeze his dad bod and stare at him while he watches Burt Reynolds movies. Hey, whatever works to get more help for the PTA bake sale … 

Vince really wishes people would leave him alone. For the most part, they oblige. So why does a gorgeous, relentlessly upbeat Kindergarten teacher keep trying to include him in all this bougie PTA rigmarole? But … if all this nonsense will help five-year-old Max fit in at this fancy school, fine. Just this once, he’ll help; and then everybody’d better leave him alone.

This book is intended for adults ages 18 and up, due to graphic sexual content and language. 

Trigger warning: this book contains descriptions of domestic violence committed by secondary characters.

New Release August 30th: Wild Card by #Author Jasmin Quinn

You want to play, Astrid? You don’t know what you’re saying. You have no idea how rough I like to play.

Astrid knows she’s out of her depth with Mack, a sexy Australian with dangerous secrets. By saving his life, she risks the wrath of Rusya Savisin, the deadly Russian Mob boss.

Mack is many things; a conman, a criminal, an undercover agent. When he’s suddenly pulled from his undercover job, he finds himself the target of an enemy. He needs razor-sharp focus to make sure he doesn’t get dead while he figures out who’s after him.

Astrid’s a sexy complication he didn’t count on; her beauty and attitude are distracting. When she’s taken by his enemy, Mack will do whatever it takes to get her back including taking on the bratva.
This is a contemporary romance with suspense and intrigue. No cliffhanger. No cheating. HEA. Contains mature themes including explicit language, violence, and descriptive sex scenes. 18+ 

Wild Card is Book 9 of the Running with the Devil Series

About Running with the Devil book series

It’s so good to be bad!

This steamy romance series takes readers on a thrill ride as the rivalry between Rusya Savisin, Russian Mob Boss and the mysterious Mr. Jackman heats up. Romance blooms with intensity as innocents get drawn into the dark terrifying worlds that Jackman and Savisin rule. 

Other books in this series include:
The Darkest Hour Running with the Devil Book 1
Secrets inside Her Running with the Devil Book 2
Black Surrender: Running with the Devil Book 3
Without Mercy: Running with the Devil Book 4
Hard Lessons: Running with the Devil Book 5
Courting Trouble: Running with the Devil Book 6
Shattered: Running with the Devil Book 7
Past Sins: Running with the Devil Book 8
Wild Card: Running with the Devil Book 9
Running with the Devil Box Set: Books 1-3

Recaps May 20th #NewReleases

I’m new in this Montana shifter town and no one will even so much as glance in my direction.
My father has made sure of that.
He’s the Sheriff and he’s got three rules:
1. Don’t talk to my daughter.
2. No fighting between crews.
3. See rule #1.

I’m all alone and wishing for someone to look my way.
And then someone does.
A mean looking grizzly bear shifter named Damon Ridge, and once he sees me, he refuses to look away.
This rough, wild-looking man keeps telling me I’m his mate.
He keeps saying he’s going to claim me.
That I belong to him.
I didn’t realize how possessive a bear shifter could get.
If I knew how obsessed these huge men could be, I never would have come here.
But now that I know how it feels, I’m never going to leave…

Do you like an alpha who snarls in the streets and growls in the sheets? Damon is a dominant Over-The-Top grizzly bear shifter who will have you howling for more.

This hot shifter book is SAFE, with no cheating, and a furry HEA guaranteed.

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Wolf shifter Angie Beaumont has had erotic dreams for the last few years. She both looks forward to and dreads going to bed each night, because the dreams leave her wanting and aching for the two males who appear in them. She can’t see their faces clearly, and the only thing she knows for certain is they’re vampires and her truemates. Wolves and vampires aren’t on the best of terms, but Angie doesn’t care what her alpha brother thinks – not only because they’re vampires but also because there are two of them.

Vampire twins Vex and Rage have been around for several hundred years, and until recently, they’d never shared dreams.
They’ve been sharing dreams of a female they believe is their beloved mate. Planning to go to the wiccan coven on the full moon for help in determining who their mate is, they’re surprised to scent her in the club, surrounded by vampires who want to feed on her.

The twins are consumed with making Angie theirs and sharing their immortality with her. But not everyone is happy that a wolf and two vampires are together, and it’s not just the alpha wolf who doesn’t approve. Angie’s caught in the crossfire of a never-ending war with a fanatical group of vampire haters. Can Vex and Rage get to her in time?

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Bullets aren’t the only things flying on this mission…

When Texas Ranger Nash Sullivan finds himself in a hailstorm of gunfire during a bunker raid, he handles himself—and those around him—with his usual skill and sharp wit. It seems his charm worked its wonders too, because he’s gone from a Ranger to a special ops unit captain overnight. His first assignment—find a man everyone’s believed dead for the past decade. And he and his Ranger Ops team are going in.

Ten years ago, when Nevaeh Vincent’s brother disappeared on a hiking expedition, her heart was torn out. Now, it’s flayed open once more after her family is questioned again on the matter. She catches wind that the reason behind it is her brother’s been spotted—and a special ops team is going undercover to find him. With that kind of hope, how could she ever stay away?

After Nash finds Nevaeh in a rough Mexican hostel asking all the questions that will get her killed, he has no choice but to take her along and protect her. Problem is her beautiful eyes are a distraction… and he can’t quit thinking about latching onto those plump lips and showing her how to obey his every command. Nevaeh is here to find her brother. So why can’t she ignore the sexy Ranger Ops captain? Could these feelings be real or just aftershocks of her adrenaline-filled journey?

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A sexy, grumpy black ops scientist will do anything to track down the mysterious woman who broke into his lab.

After Dr. Ty Sampson catches a mysterious female intruder in his home and lab, he’s obsessed with finding out who she is and what she wants. He’s a man who trusts very few people and hates anyone in his space. His role as Team 52’s lead scientist brings him into contact with a host of powerful, ancient artifacts, so he knows the woman must be after something dangerous and he refuses to let her succeed.

River Elliott-Hall is good at finding things and prides herself on always getting the job done. When a very valuable painting by a master is stolen from a famous museum, it is her job to get it back. The trail leads her to the bright lights of Las Vegas and she’s heard rumors of the covert, black ops Team 52. But as she investigates if they know anything about the painting, she finds herself drawn into a battle of wits with a big, bad-tempered, and far-too-handsome genius.

Life has taught River and Ty to guard their hearts, so as these two circle each other, they warily agree to work together. Because it soon becomes clear that the painting is more than just a painting, and someone with a dangerous plan is working behind the scenes. Fighting their intense chemistry, Ty and River—along with Team 52—will risk everything to save the day, and both find themselves battling the unfamiliar needs to claim, protect, and keep each other safe.

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Drive me wilder…

MI-5 Agent Sutton “Wilder” Whittaker is in high demand. The international section of Her Majesty’s Secret Service is ready to employ the fearless and selfless agent. Before Wilder can consider the position, he must close a case that hits a little too close to home.

Finley “Wren” Harlow is the United States’ Department of Homeland Security’s secret weapon. Tenacious, intelligent, and beautiful, she’s the perfect combination of deadly poison. Now, it’s up to her to convince the UK to extradite the man who masterminded several attempted terrorist attacks on US soil. But when she encounters Wilder, the man in the charge of the case, Wren is shocked at how stubborn, inflexible, and utterly irresistible he is. He’s a man to be reckoned with—and she plans to do the reckoning.

With their undeniable attraction growing, one thing is certain: one of them must cave. Can two unflinching agents find common ground to save their countries and secure their hearts?

While each book in the Military Intelligence Section 6 Series is a standalone with its own HEA, they may be more enjoyable read in order.

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“I can’t be with you but d@mned if I can let you go…”


I got room for only one thing in my life, football. That’s why, when I turned down the covers, we both agreed, one and done. I never expected what came next and she ran out before I could explain. Now, I can’t throw, can’t run… can’t even think straight.

I foolishly agreed to his stupid rule and now, my eyes follow him around like a love-sick puppy. Majoring in journalism, controversy is my best friend and his worst nightmare. 

For his sake and mine, I can’t fall for him. My snooping could destroy us both.

CJ Quinn from ‘Busted Play’ is back! This time he’s coaching an award-winning football team.

Note: This story contains heated scenes, gritty reality, no cheating, and a well-deserved happily-ever-after. 

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He’s her best friend’s ex.

Justin used to rule the boardroom, now he rules his own little plot of land, or he could if he wasn’t a single dad with a newborn. The doctor who delivered his son is an old friend and he calls in an SOS. But the longer she’s around, the harder it is to ignore that a stunning intellect isn’t her only appeal.

It was supposed to be two friends getting through a baby’s colic together. Only Priya has harbored way more than friendly feelings for Justin for years. But she’s struggling to keep her thoughts platonic around the scruffy, rugged rancher.

Justin’s sworn off women and refuses to change for anyone. Priya’s fighting to save her job and won’t be second rate to anyone. So why not a friends with benefits arrangement? Then no one will get their heart broken…

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Jenna, though not quite eighteen, has experienced more hardships than many do in their entire lives. There are many parts of her life that she hides from the people she cares about. Some parts because she wants to and others because she has to. When she and Hunter finally get together after being friends, she is the happiest she has ever been. Until her biggest secret comes out and her whole life starts to unravel. Hunter doesn’t let many people into his life. He trusts even less. Jenna has been part of his inner circle for a while and now their relationship has turned into more. When someone from their past comes after them, Hunter does everything to keep Jenna safe. Even if that means he’ll spend the rest of his life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

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Are our secret billionaires hiding more than money?

Cross Ronstein could be described as a lot of things. Mining magnate. Domineering Boss. Secret Billionaire. He doesn’t care what he’s labelled, especially when the tax office takes an interest in his business. Their attention is of minor concern until he lays eyes on the temptress they send to dig into his affairs.

Maybe he can turn the secret billionaire’s game to his advantage, just like his friends have managed.

Jessa Collins has her own array of labels. Tax Investigator. Firebrand. Discoverer of secrets. Whatever people call her, she gets the job done. Every. Single. Time. Even when her target dismisses her suspicions as fantasy and promptly leaves the country for a made-up obligation.

No matter what drastic measures Jessa has to take, this rich businessman is NOT getting away while she’s on the case.

How far is too far to follow a secret billionaire? Can two people on opposite sides of the corporate fence find their way to love?

10 Authors. 10 Holidays. 10 Shorts

Ten romance authors bring you a sexy story to fire up your holiday. Each author has their own series in 2019 with one thing in common – Holidays! Check out all of the Steamy Sensations books today!

The Secret Billionaire’s Club Books:

The Billionaire’s Heart
The Billionaire’s Luck
The Billionaire’s Treat
The Billionaire’s Duty
The Billionaire’s Spark
The Billionaire’s Club
The Billionaire’s Scare
The Billionaire’s Feast
The Billionaire’s Gift
The Billionaire’s Surprise

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Don’t mix business with pleasure. Simple. Until it isn’t.

Ellis Worthington has something I need, and I refuse to be intimidated by his demanding reputation. I can barely stand him, but I need a job. I make my living tackling other people’s problems. The bigger the scandal, the more I want in—at least until I’m the center of the scandal. Now, I need Ellis and his mess to redeem myself. 

My first challenge is convincing him to take me on. The second is ignoring the relentless attraction between us. But the biggest challenge? The more time I spend with him, the more I wonder if crossing that invisible line is worth risking everything.

*Standalone novel intended for mature readers.*

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Making out in stairwells has never been this hot.

Las Vegas was just the beginning. After their sinful Easter weekend, Natalie and Steve must learn to work together.


How can I choose my battles when I am up against a rebellious inner teenager? And have I mentioned I’m waging a war against a persistent attraction to Mr. Stephen Clark?

The way my breathing hitches means the painkillers are kicking in.

It is not like I need Steve around or anything. I am just being practical. Getting rid of my tight skirt while battling drowsiness from the meds could cause further damage to my ankle.

What if I stumble and fall? No. Holding on to Steve’s brawny upper arms while he strips off my clothes makes perfect sense.



Warring with my body’s reaction to Nat’s proximity is taking a toll on me.

Who knew haggling over rates, fees, and deadlines could be this sexy?

Now, I’m caught up in this tight spot: prancing around hotels in New York with Natalie Todeschini by my side, while holding a briefcase as a shield to avoid public embarrassment.

But, when she needs a helping hand, I’m right there by her side, inching her skirt down her wide hips and shapely legs, supporting her staggering steps as she stumbles toward the hotel bed.

I’ll just sit on the chair and watch over her until she falls asleep. I want to make sure she won’t hurt herself. I can do this.


Download today the second installment in this delicious new series to find out if Natalie and Steve get a truce.

Cookie Wars- Book #2 in the brand-new A Year in Love Series. Sexy Romantic Comedy stories that will have you curl your toes and split your side.

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‘Our love could save us both. Or it could destroy everything.’

Leila McKay is both blessed and cursed. Her potent serryn powers are growing stronger, but they come with a heavy price. And to prove her love for vampire leader Caleb, she needs to bring his murdered brother Jake back to life. The only way is to cast a spell no one has dared to attempt before, that could tear apart the fabric of time itself…

But Caleb fears that treachery runs deep in Leila’s veins. Although the heat between them grows hotter by the second, Caleb’s past has left him with a hard heart and a mistrustful nature, and it was at her sister’s hands that Jake was killed… but with his brother’s life in the balance, giving in to his primal instincts is more tempting than ever.

Time is running out for Caleb. In a matter of hours, Jake will be past the point of saving: and around them, all-out war rages in Blackthorn. With genetically modified lycans and vicious convicts roaming the streets, Sirius Throme at the Global Council has secret plans that threaten to devastate the whole district… and Leila is the only one powerful enough to save them all. But can Caleb really trust her?

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Martin is a ghost. Well, not really, but he might as well be. Job gone, home gone, self-respect gone, and no one even seems to notice. The only person who really sees him is Seb, the artist who lives above the used bookstore.
Seb haunts the edges of Seacroft in search of beauty. He knows how to excavate the hidden value in abandoned things—whether it’s in the pages of forgotten books or in Martin’s stuttering attempts to rebuild his life—and transform them into works of art.
Two lost souls, Seb and Martin discover the strength they need to face eccentric townies and their dysfunctional families together. But as friendship sparks toward something more, neither man wants to risk what they’ve only just found. It takes two to fall in love, but it will take the whole community to bring their beauty to life.

Top Shelf is an 81k slow burn friends-to-lovers MM romance. It features an anxious professor, a drama queen artist, a bookstore that might be haunted, and a full-blown heart-eyes HEA.

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Easton’s been living one day at a time since his attack. Life has other plans for him.

Exactly one year ago, Easton’s life came crashing down. A vicious attack left him deeply scarred inside and out. From the ashes of his life, he’s rebuilt himself into someone new. His life is different in many ways, but—mostly—he’s found a better version of happiness in a new business. Opening his own bakery has been a lifesaver for him. He’s thrown himself into becoming a massive success. For the most part, he’s content. Until Nico walks in and shakes the foundation of Easton’s newfound peace.

After a year of watching over Easton from a distance, Nico has decided to take on a more hands-on approach. Easton is getting better, but he’s not really living, and Nico can’t put up with that anymore. He’s decided to take his self-imposed guardianship role to the next level and lure Easton out of his fear-encased shell. There are just a few problems with his plan. He loves Easton, Easton doesn’t think he deserves love, and Nico is carrying around one hell of a secret that could ruin everything.

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ChristaI thought justice would save me—I was wrong.

Sutton Atwood, the man who almost killed me, is back. This time, his weapon of choice is the very legal system that was supposed to protect me and mine.

He wants my son—not because he loves him, but because he hates me.

I can’t let him win. I won’t let him win. If compromise is my only option I’ll take it, even if it kills me.

Sorry Dayton, I love you, but my son must come first.

DaytonHow can I protect the woman I love if I’m part of the threat?

By any and every means possible, that’s how—except Christa’s not making my fight easy. Why would she when I still have everything to prove and she has everything to lose?

Sure, I can compromise—maybe—but fair warning, retreat is definitely not in my nature.

I’m in a league of my own, a winner, a fighter, and I absolutely will not quit until my enemies are eliminated.

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What lengths would you go to in order to save your marriage?

Broken trust. Bitter arguments. Burning secrets.

Their marriage in ruins, David and Shannon must alter their balance of power or risk losing everything important – including their love. There’s one alternative left. Domestic Discipline. While the intense change is amazing, both are left with fear and self-doubt. As old behaviors resurface, they’re forced to face secrets from the past. 

Will the new dynamic be enough? Are they strong enough? Do they love each other enough?

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Alexei Rastov is the most vile, evil, despicable man in the world…

And my father tried to force me to marry him.

Dragged down the aisle, I prayed to God, to anyone, to save me from a lifetime of cruelty and abuse.

Then he came… a force of nature…

Disrupting the ceremony with a storm of gunfire and death.

Massive, powerful, and handsome, the enemy of my enemy has promised me his protection if I agree to give myself to him.

But sometimes the devil you know is safer than the dark angel who wants you in his bed…

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Recaps May 19th #NewReleases

In the blink of an eye, James’ world turned upside down. Now he must travel into the past to find Jessie, who has disturbed the fabric of time, and put everything back to rights. But he won’t be going alone. With Ella at his side, he will bargain with the Fairy Court, meet the family members they never knew existed, and walk the halls of the infamous academy where the Lycan Mating Games began.

Can they, once and for all, put the USLUF behind them? Or is this only the beginning?
Welcome to Lycan Mating Games 3: Ella. 

Publisher’s Note: This steamy sci-fi action romance contains very graphic scenes. If this is offensive to you, please do not read it.

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Life’s been trying to break Sissy Mullen since the day she was born. Though her violent father nearly ran her into the ground, she’s finally free.

Nathan “Butch” Davies doesn’t like people. Bailey Johansson and Nick Davies’ quiet middle son is better at busting heads than making conversation. The Reapers enforcer will need to leave his comfort zone if he hopes to show Sissy that he’s the man she doesn’t know she needs.

Unfortunately, claiming the woman he loves means pissing off his older brother and stirring up trouble between the Reapers’ local chapter and Conroe’s former overlords.

Trigger warning: Don’t Do Me Wrong contains details of past child abuse, graphic sexual content, violent situations, and extreme profanity. The book is only appropriate for adult readers age 18+.

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He’s been waiting for a storm for years.
Well… she has finally blown into town.

He’d always been good at starting over.
That had been his job for a long time.
New country, new identity, new scumbag to track down, and bring to justice.
It was just the job.
Until, suddenly, someone made it more.
But life had plans that didn’t involve white picket fences and happily-ever-afters.
And there was no choice but to move on.
That didn’t mean ghosts of the past didn’t plague him, follow him no matter how many times he changed his name, how many places he ran to.
Eventually, he traded one world for another.
The past seemed as far behind him as it was possible.
Until one day, it was there.
She was there.
Life didn’t offer many second chances.
And he was hellbent on making things right.
Even if she didn’t want anything to do with him ever again.

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“This is what really happened… reported by a free press, to a free people…”

The whole world knows Wes Shaw’s explosive secret.

He can’t keep pretending he’s just another newspaper editor at The Golden Mail. He’s really the billionaire owner of the most respected newspaper in the country. Now reporters won’t let up, social media can’t get enough of him, and his days as a private citizen are permanently over. With his reputation in tatters and the police breathing down his neck, his media empire could end up bankrupt. Worst of all, the intense media scrutiny keeps him from his one chance with Julia—the only woman he’s ever wanted to give his heart to.

A world-renowned journalist, Julia Bancroft has always chased the story. Now, she is the story. With her face splashed all over the tabloids, everyone is speculating about her relationship with Wes. Too bad she doesn’t know if there’s even still a relationship to salvage. Needing to escape the media spotlight, Julia follows Wes to a small, quiet town across the pond. But things aren’t so quiet in small-town England, and soon a shocking crime and a centuries-old feud threatens everyone’s plans.

Julia wants Wes more intensely than she ever has but, with all the dangers that wealth can bring, is she cut out to be a billionaire’s girlfriend?

The Golden Mail Series

Hot Off the Press – Book 1

Extra! Extra! – Book 2

Read All About It – Book 3

Stop the Press – Book 4

Breaking News – Book 5

This Just In – Book 6

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Recaps May 18th #NewReleases

Who could ever fall in love with a cold-blooded killer like me?

The answer is no one.

That’s why I’m giving up trying to find a woman who wants me for more than one rowdy night. I’m determined to find a wife instead.

If I buy a mail order bride, then she’ll have no choice but to stick around. Besides, I have plenty of money to spend thanks to all the successful Savage Kings MC legal and outlaw enterprises.

Kira’s the perfect woman, and she’s just as eager as I am to tie the knot. I didn’t ask why she needed half a million dollars; and honestly, I didn’t really care.

Maybe I should have.

A few weeks after Kira becomes my wife, I find myself in the middle of her family’s fallout with the Russian mafia.

When I shoot first and ask questions later, I unknowingly drag the entire MC into the crossfire.

Now the Russians are pissed and are out for blood. But they’ve screwed with the wrong man this time.

The Kings will do whatever it takes to protect their own, no matter the consequences.

And now that Kira is mine, I’ll gladly kill anyone who tries to hurt her.

The preferred reading order for the Savage Kings MC series is: 

King’s Road (Prequel)

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UPDATED FILE The 13th installment of the popular western romance series DAKOTA HEARTS by Lisa Mondello

Ethan and Maddie fell in love despite tragedy that had torn them apart years ago. Maddie doesn’t want another tragedy. Although she loves the strong Navy SEAL who is now a police officer, she fears that he could be taken away from her at a moments notice. Will danger rear it’s ugly head up again for the McKinnons? Or will Ethan and Maddie have the happily ever after they crave?

Universal buy Link:

Lone wolves aren’t satisfied wolves.

This is a lesson Wyatt has learned the hard way. After pissing off his would-be mate and picking a fight—and losing—to his friend and mentor, Wyatt takes off. He throws himself into his mission, running between the many lupine packs scattered through the States, solving problems and offering assistance where he can.

But he keeps going back to where it all went wrong. A little city where he found his true self, and hated what was revealed. Except now, every time he visits he’s drawn closer to the charms of a human woman named Nancy.

She’s everything he doesn’t need. I mean hell, she’s human. He needs a spirited wolf to keep him interested. She’s just a bookkeeper who likes museums and art.

So why can’t he leave her alone?

Universal buy Link:

The English Dragon


Dalton had barely survived the ambush. Her sister, Luann, had taken out a life insurance policy on her and had decided it was time to collect. Luann hadn’t counted on Dalton surviving the hitman’s attack. 

Lord Kipling Newton, Duke of Winehammer Castle, watched his mate, Dalton, breathing from the hospital bed. He had just given her his blood to help her heal when the monitors started screaming. He thought his dragon’s blood had killed her for sure. Now she was resting and would recover.

Dalton wasn’t happy that all her choices had been taken from her. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Kip, it’s that she wasn’t asked, she’d told her grandmother. But Dalton was soon to discover that a few choices where the least of her worries. Her sister and brother were out for her blood.

Kip had his own issues to deal with. The only way to protect Dalton from his family was to marry her as soon as possible. Once she took the title of Duchess of Winehammer Castle, his parents couldn’t harm her, or could they?

Trouble had a way of finding them. Was the new love they now shared strong enough to survive the rough roads ahead? Find out in the final installment of the English Dragon Series—Kip.

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Recaps May 17th #NewReleases

On the run for most of his life, Thomas “Bulldog” Baird is used to being alone. He never cared what people thought of him, never had a reason to. After helping his friend, Jonathan, settle some old scores with his birth pack, Bulldog finds the one thing he never thought he’d have: a mate. A mate he’s not sure he wants to claim because of his own haunted past.

Edward Rawlings has survived hell, living under a cruel and vicious Alpha who almost decimated his birth pack. When the pack was finally freed from tyranny, Edward thought his fight for life would be over. He was dead wrong.

Can the two find the happiness and love they deserve while they risk their lives defending their bond, or will Bulldog’s past claim them both?

Universal buy Link:

I knew falling for him was wrong. I did it anyway, his half smiles and blue eyes pulling me deeper. Blue eyes that made me soar. He wasn’t mine to keep, though. And like all good and rare things, it came to an end. 

Then he strolls into my life, armed with dimples and gray eyes. Gray eyes that ground me. He smashes through my defenses, stealing what is left of my heart. 
Now my heart is a war zone, past and present battling for my forever. 

They say lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice. I call bullshit on that theory.

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A new town and a fresh start.As an MMA champion, there would always be newspaper headlines, camera flashes, and screaming fans with boundary issues. I wasn’t looking for a miracle, just some semblance of a normal life.
Right as I settle into the quiet life, the doorbell rings.
A blue-eyed baby blinking up at me, the birth certificate crammed in the abandoned diaper bag naming me daddy.
This kid has lungs on her, I’ll give the cute bundle that–lungs that draw the attention of my gorgeous new neighbor. A neighbor I can’t help but be drawn to.
I didn’t want to be a father. I wasn’t looking to fall in love.
As far as I’m concerned, they can both call me Daddy.May Day Daddy is Book 3 in a HOT new Rom-Com series about a group of friends who bonded over their love of dirty books with drool-worthy heroes. Each eventually gets their own hot, hilarious, happily-ever-afters.

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To become undone.
To take apart. 
To destroy. 

I thought I had it all with my well-respected job, Hollywood boyfriend, and glamorous lifestyle. Until the truth revealed a different story. In one day, after a single word, my carefully constructed life was obliterated.

But it’s only the beginning of my spiral. There’s much further to fall.

Then I meet him. He’s the perfect man at the most imperfect time. It’s only meant to be a one night stand. A last fling before my new reality sets in. But he has different ideas. Because he doesn’t know the truth. Once he finds out, I’m convinced he’ll realize this is too much for a new relationship. He’s sure to cut and run. It’s for the best really. 

After all, how can I possibly fall in love when I’m falling apart?

Universal buy Link:

I let my true love slip through my fingers.

And she went on to live an interesting life without me. 

But she’s back in town, and my second chance is now. 

I won’t make the same mistake twice. This country boy ain’t stupid.

Losing this girl is the only thing I regret from my past, and now there’s more of her to love.

She’s got a little girl. 

Unfortunately, the last few years in an abusive marriage have her shying away from me, but I’m not giving up or giving in. 

This girl has a future—in my arms. 

There’s only one dance partner I want in life. 


This is a stand-alone, full-sized novel in the Dawson Brother’s series. Each book will focus on a different guy in the family. HEA is guaranteed, no cheating or violence.

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Three billionaire brothers: Cesare, Enzo, and Dante Sabatini have everything except the one thing money can’t buy. Three big beautiful women Alicia, Bethany, and Chloe will teach them the ABCs of love. Follow these couples as they negotiate the riskiest deal of all, falling in love.

Dante Sabatini. Billionaire, manwhore extraordinaire—and my new next-door neighbor. Two years ago, my sister married his brother. Over the years I’ve heard all about him and seen his pictures everywhere, yet between me away in school and Dante’s hectic… ahem, “social life,” we keep missing each other. Until the day I move in across the hall from him. Nothing could have prepared me for Dante Sabatini in person. He’s more gorgeous than a photo could do justice—and more of an a$$hole than I thought was humanly possible. 
Oh yeah, and he wants me. Me? Plus size, virgin, twenty-four to his thirty-five, nobody to the models and actresses he’s been with. Seriously? Only the jerk refuses to take me up on my begging to learn everything I can under his expert tutelage. We’re family now, and there’s too much at stake when we crash and burn he insists.
This guy is giving me whiplash and driving me crazy. We’re only five hundred feet from each other, but we’re separated by so much more. All I want is some fun, no promises or hand-holding necessary. Once I get what I want, will we be able to survive everything that comes our way… or will we crash and burn, hurting the people we love the most as we do?

While this is book 2 in the Dirty Billionaires series they are standalones and you need not have read His Dirty Demands to enjoy His Dirty Promises.

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He’d waited an eternity to find her. 

Athena captivated her audience every night. Her husky voice, sensual moves and megawatt smile, packed the nightclub where she sang. It was her name on the lips of her audience. Everyone wanted a piece of her—even him.

One song and Sorin was enthralled by the beauty on the stage. Her voice awoke a part of him he had thought to be dead long ago. She had no idea of the power she wielded over him with one glance, one smile and one kiss. Never one to pursue a human before, he couldn’t ignore the hunger that burned for her. Only she can satisfy him, but he will first need to protect her from the ones who want him dead.

Forever Desired is a novella featured in the Vampire Brides series. All books in the Vampire Brides series are standalone and can be read in any order.

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Fated mates. A fated family. One mistake that could shatter them all. 

A small town cop and a single dad, Gabe Wilder already has more on his plate than he can handle. But when a routine traffic stop turns into making out with the sexiest woman he’s ever laid eyes on, things get even crazier, because Zoe Karrington isn’t any ordinary woman—she’s his fated mate.

The last thing Zoe expects is to end up in the arms of a sexy shifter who makes her feel— and do—things she’s never expected. More surprising still, is the immediate love she feels for Gabe’s young son.

But when Zoe’s reckless actions put the boy at risk, can Zoe prove to Gabe and—more importantly—herself, that the love she has for his son is just as fated as their own? Or will she lose the family her heart craves more than anything?

Reader note: His to Tame is a full length stand alone bear shifter novel with no Cliffhangers! This series contains: strong, sassy, curvy women; sexy alpha males; steamy shifters and sizzling sex scenes.

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She travels back in time for vengeance, but instead finds passion with a dashing highlander… 

Evelyn O’Brolchan was born in the fourteenth century to a time traveling mother, but has lived her life in the present after a family tragedy forced her mother to return. Torn between the present and past, she travels back in time, determined to right the wrong done to her parents.

Latharn MacUisdean must reclaim the land and titles seized from him by his treacherous uncle and cousins. When he crosses paths with a fiery redhead from another time, intent on revenge against his cousins, he allows her to serve as his ally and spy.

As Latharn and Evelyn work together to defeat their mutual enemy, they struggle against their burgeoning desire. While their need for each other grows, they must choose between love and duty, passion and revenge, and the chasm of time that may separate them forever…

If you’re a fan of Scottish time travel, handsome highlanders, strong heroines, romance, and adventure, you’ll love Latharn’s Destiny, the sixth and final book of the epic and sweeping Highlander Fate series. 

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After catching his beta boyfriend in bed with another alpha, Quinn McCreary needs a quiet space away before he does something he’ll regret—like let the man remain in his life. He heads up to the little used family lake house, hoping it’s enough distance between him and a cheating ex.

Too bad his younger omega brother has handed a key to that lake house to a friend who needs to cycle off his heat-blocking drugs. Bellamy Carter has waited too long and his body is struggling. He’s on the cusp of a wild heat—brought on by suppressing his nature too long. By the time he walks into the lake house, he’s in full heat… and there’s a sexy alpha across the room who’s more than willing to assist.

Quinn is enslaved by the instinct and goes into full rut. The pair spend several days in bed, sating the animal need within them both. When it’s over, they part awkwardly, still little more than strangers. Unsure how they feel about each other and the bond they’ve already seemed to forge, it’s not until they see each other again that they realize it wasn’t just a wild heat, but something more.

But will life get into the way of their happily ever after?

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Recap #NewReleases May 16th/2019

I’ve hidden who I was from the world for so long. Never making friends. Having nothing more than flings or one-night stands. I thought it was the only way to protect myself. If no one knew the real me who I really was, then I had nothing to worry about.All of that came crashing down around me when I made saving Lilly my life’s mission. I wouldn’t let the cartel or Enterrador take another person from me.I didn’t expect to fall for him.He was only supposed to be a means to an end. Someone who could show Enterrador all he’d been blind to for so many years.If only I would’ve known the outcome…Would I have told them who I was?Probably not, but I would’ve done a hell of a lot better job at guarding my heart.Now I’m living on borrowed time. Can he look past everything that’s happened between us or will I die never earning his forgiveness?

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Love happens when you least expect it. So does heartbreak. 
I thought we were finally done with the lies.
Secrets? Sure, Lilly’s still holding on to plenty of those.
My perfect woman is secrets buried under beautiful layers of deception. 
She’s the seductive siren bent on destroying my heart. 
It doesn’t make me want her any less. 
Just like before, she’s an addiction I can’t break. 
I’ll never learn my lesson when it comes to her.
But I refuse to ever let her go.
One by one I’ll unlock all her secrets.
I love a challenge. And I’ve never followed the rules.
Now that she’s back in my life, she’s mine forever.
And anyone who hurts or threatens her better prepare to die.

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A woman who’s lost her trust, an artist who’s lost his inspiration, and the broken-down barn that brings them together.

Summer Brown is back at Sage Valley Ranch nursing the loss of her job and desperate to prove herself. Her Nanna has given her the task of restoring the old barn used for events. When the contractor she’s hired skips town, she’s left high and dry—until Julian Wolf steps in. He sure is good-looking, but her trust is shot.

Artist Julian Wolf has wandered aimlessly since the failure of his last gallery showing. When he hears the cute blonde lamenting the loss of her contractor, he offers to help. His plan was to fix the barn, maybe do a little soul-searching in hope of finding his inspiration, not lose his heart to a girl he’ll have to leave.

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There’s a new Prince in town.
And he thinks he’s my happily ever after.
If only I believed in those. 

Lance Jacobs. 
Roseboro’s new Most Eligible Bachelor. 

He’s the stuff fairy tales are made of. 
Tall, handsome, strong. A dyed in the wool American hero . . .
And if my scheming stepmother has anything to do with it, he’ll be married to my stepsister before he can tap out S-O-S.

But he only has eyes for me. 

And though my attention is tied up in my new bakery, I know he wants me. 
I’ll admit that he makes my heart race, my body pulse, and my mind think of things that are definitely not as sweet as my famous cupcakes. 
I can’t help but think Lance would make a great Mr. Right . . . Now.

I don’t trust him to be more than that. 
Don’t trust any man after having my heart broken one too many times. 

Even if he does make me want to break all my rules.
Makes me want to take a chance.
To believe again. 

Could he finally be my happily ever after?

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I do. Two simple words that mean so much. I do want to be your duchess. I do want to live in your castle. I do want to stop who’s trying to kill me.

As threats and temptations work to tear Noah and me apart, I have to find a way to save our castle, our estate, and our love.

A modern Gothic, friends-to-lovers, duke and duchess romance.

CASTLED FOREVER is a sexy, modern, romantic marriage of convenience story that blends the best of noble, billionaire, modern Gothic, and contemporary romance. As you race to the HEA, get ready to fall hard for Noah, the new Duke of Hardison.

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“I’ve had his address and phone number all this time. I kept track of him.”

Those were the words my mother had said as she handed me the piece of paper that would change my life forever. The one that held my father’s name and address–the same father I’d always been told had died when I was a baby.

Even though my entire life until now, I’ve survived by being tightly-focused and in control, as soon as I learned my father was alive, I made a snap decision. I knew there was only one thing I could do: climb in the car and drive to meet him. The world’s most high-stakes road trip!

What I didn’t know at the time was that things wouldn’t go as planned. My car would break down. Then, the sexiest man I’d ever seen would pull his motorcycle over to rescue me, and I’d be captivated by his eyes and his shoulders, by his strength and calm capability…and that’s when the real adventure would begin.

I’ve survived up until now by insisting on stability, but surviving’s not enough for me anymore. With everything on the line, can I learn to truly live by Embracing Reckless?

Stand-alone Someday series romance, complete with HEA–and plenty of heat and heart along the way!

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Bear shifter Derek Holt, now a platinum country recording artist, has finally achieved the pinnacle of fame. He just never thought it would leave him feeling so hollow inside. He knows just the woman who could fill his empty void, his assistant Red. But women like Red don’t fall for men like him. 

Audrey Reid, a.k.a Red, has had a difficult past with an abusive ex-husband. As a single mother of a young son, the last thing she needs is a party guy like Derek Holt in her life. If only her brain could convince her heart to let go.

When Audrey is tasked with “babysitting” Derek during his R&R back to Jackson Valley, she finds it harder than she thought to keep a lid on her feelings for him. Especially since the more she gets to know the real Derek, the more he’s proving he’s not the hard-drinking womanizer she thought. Not even close.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This book takes place 5 years after the events of the first book, Werebear’s Mail Order Mate.


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Do you want to be a viscount?
Adam is shocked when his employer unexpectedly becomes a viscount, but he is more shocked when his employer is murdered. When the killer spots Adam, there’s only one thing Adam can do: flee. Fortunately, he has his employer’s papers with him, including a boarding ticket to England. Less fortunately, everyone is eager to introduce him as a new viscount. If Adam is going to avoid imprisonment for impersonating a nobleman, he needs to convince people that he actually is one. The only problem… He doesn’t know anything about being an aristocrat.

She’ll make a viscount out of you.
Pretty, intelligent Lady Isla McIntyre knows everything about being an aristocrat. She was supposed to become a duchess, until her fiancé brazenly eloped with another woman. Now she has plenty of time on her hands and is eager to distract herself from her new status as an ostracized spinster.

Training Adam was supposed to be a diversion, but it was never supposed to involve her heart.

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Can two men fake their way to marital bliss?

Caleb Taylor is shocked to learn his family could lose Bliss Island Resort — their home and livelihood — unless he makes use of a clause to marry the child of investor Louis Chastain. Sofia Chastain is more like a sister than a love interest, and Caleb isn’t ready to sign over his future. But Sofia has a brother, and Caleb has a plan …

Julien Chastain was disowned at fifteen and has made a life as a go-go dancer in Miami, but he lives paycheck to paycheck. When his childhood friend proposes an outlandish marriage contract, he thinks he’s crazy. But it’s a chance at a future that’s tough to pass up.

Caleb and Julien must present themselves as an authentic couple for the legal loophole to work, but the lines between “fake” and “real” keep shifting as they navigate intimacy, public scrutiny, and sabotage.

Love isn’t part of the plan, but plans change. If they can outsmart Julien’s father and prove their love is worth more than a transaction, they just might find a true happily-ever-after.

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How can he want to call his best friend’s son Sir? Or even worse…Daddy?

Cornell is broken after losing his best friend Jonas and getting hurt himself. He’s too old, too imperfect to ever attract a Dom again.

Until Rhys.

When Rhys gives him commands, Cornell yearns to obey. 
When Rhys takes care of him, Cornell wants to kneel for him.
When Rhys is everything he’s dreamed of, Cornell aches to call him Sir.
And when Rhys makes him fly, Cornell soars higher than ever before.

But there’s one problem. Rhys is twenty years his junior…and he’s Jonas’s son. How can you want to call your best friend’s son Sir…or Daddy?

Firm Hand is a standalone slow burn MM romance with daddy kink, an age gap, a very caring Daddy and a boy who needs it, hurt/comfort, mild D/s play, and all the feels.

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I thought leaving her in that room covered in her attacker’s blood would teach her a lesson.

I thought she’d be more careful about her safety.

Little did I know that she’s seeking the pain and humiliation.

Well, it’s her lucky day, because pain is sort of my thing.

I can hurt her much more than she’s able to hurt herself.

The twist is we’ll both enjoy every second of it.

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No one is innocent in the eyes of the Cavalieri Della Morte.
If your name ends up on my list, your time is up.
No regrets. No mercy. No conscience.

Until the enemy becomes my twisted obsession.

Two days ago, I paid a price to fulfill a vendetta. Twenty minutes ago, I threw it all away. 
Stolen in the night. Held against her will. Bound to a monster.
I came to take her life but claimed it instead.

I warn her not to trust men with sin on their lips and ice in their veins. 
She cautions me not to be deceived by my own eyes.

Neither of us listens.

What started out as a quest for retribution has become a game of survival. 
They say three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.
Challenge accepted.

*Please be advised that Darkest Deeds is a dark romance standalone novel with possible triggers. If violence, illegal dealings, and people doing extremely bad things makes you twitchy, this book may give you hives. You’ve been warned.

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He kidnapped me and claimed me as his. He torched my former life and still, I’ve fallen in love with him. Dark, determined, and dangerous – he’s everything I was warned to stay away from, but something draws me to him like a moth to a flame. As the prodigal prince of New Orleans’ underground criminal empire, Luca Barresi is a name that strikes fear into anyone who crosses his path. Possession is nine-tenths of the law, but Luca never had any use for the law, anyway. The crime lord owns me. No longer pretending, the passion between us burns white-hot, but Luca has enemies everywhere and the threat level is rising. Is our love enough to save us when they come knocking?

In the Shadows is part two of a three part series. It can be read as a stand-alone and has its own HEA, but the story continues. Furthermore, it will be more enjoyable to read if you have the first book in the series, Eyes of Stone. This book has mature content that is intended for audiences 18+, including situations which may be triggering for some.

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